URA Contact

Our contact info is below :

  • Alick Siu, President - president@unionvilleresidents.ca
  • Reid McAlpine, Vice-President - vicepresident@unionvilleresidents.ca
  • Gene Genin, Secretary - secretary@unionvilleresidents.ca
  • Donna Day, Treasurer - treasurer@unionvilleresidents.ca
  • Karen Lui, Member - member@unionvilleresidents.ca
  • General Inquiry - info@unionvilleresidents.ca
  • Address : 4261-A14 Highway 7 East, Suite #235
    Unionville ON L3R 9W6

Unionville Residents Association

Unionville Residents Association is a non-partisan association founded in 1974 to protect the interest of the Unionville Community. We are registered with the province of Ontario and the city of Markham. Our boundary covers Markham's Ward 3.

We host monthly members meeting with the exception of summer and stay current on issues in Unionville. We keep our members informed through newsletters and email broadcasts. We ensure our resident's opinions are known to government officials. For details, please click our
brochure or constitution

Latest News

  • York Region is nearing completion of an updated Transportation Master Plan, including network plan, phasing and costs.

  • Times Group has proposed a zoning bylaw amendment to add 1600 condo units to their development on the south side of Highway 7 between Village Parkway and Warden Ave.